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Welcome to the start of a Simpler Life

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Do you have too much to do that never gets done?

Do you need an extra hand from time to time?

Is there not enough “you” to go around?

Would you like a simpler life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we at A Simpler Life Concierge stand ready and able to help.

Help with what?

What can we possibly do for you? For starters, we can

  • do that grocery shopping;
  • run that errand;
  • get you organized;
  • have delicious, prepared meals delivered right to your door.

And that is only a brief sample of what we can do!

So, you ask, what exactly is a personal concierge? To put it simply, your personal assistant or concierge is practically another you. Your assistant takes care of the tasks and to-do’s on your list that can be delegated to another person. This makes it possible for you to get twice as much done in what seems like half the time!

Based in Mercer County, NJ, A Simpler Life Concierge serves clients in Central New Jersey.

Have more questions? Need more information? Thinking about signing up?

Give us a call at 609-631-4397 or send an email to

Together we will make your life simpler!